Monday, December 2, 2013

Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo Head 1, 2007    Dimensions:142x145x94 cm    Materials:tire steel, wood, styrofoam

Artist: Ji Yong Ho
Born in Korea in 1978 (currently 35 years old)

B.F.A Sculture, Honk-ik Universtiy, Seoul

An interview with Jessie Torrisi by Theme Magazine helps shed some light on Ji.

To Ji, rubber symbolizes mutation. "The product is from nature," from the white sap of latex trees. "But here it's changed. The color is black. The look is scary." He tried experimenting with clay and bronze, but the sculptures looked too much like robots. "Rubber is very flexible, like skin, like muscles," he explains.

I chose this artist and his work for the show because I thought it fit perfectly not only is he depicting creatures from our planet but he is using man made materials that are re-recycled. And in a sense to me it seems he has created this cyclical irony, rubber from trees, rubber turned into tires, tires turned in to an animals (sculpture).

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