Monday, December 2, 2013


Emergence, 2008. Two pieces installation: Night, Reclaimed black and clear plastic objects, 72″ x 50″ x 17″; Wind, Reclaimed white and clear plastic objects, 63″ x 78″ x 26″.

     In her creation, Emergence, Sayaka Ganz depicts two horses and the motions of both their hair and bodies as they delicately gallop through the wall.

About Sayaka Ganz:

    Sayaka Ganz spent her childhood in Japan where her Shinto beliefs (all objects and organisms have spirits) were branded into her, and then projected those beliefs through her "reclaimed creations." She only selects materials that have been used and discarded in a goal to transcend the life of the used materials into the animals or the organic forms she creates out of them.
Her process of creating her pieces entails her attaching plastic materials to a skeletal structure she creates before-hand. Through her sculptures, she attempts to transmit a message of hope:

                                        "If we value our resources, we will waste less."



      I chose Sayaka Ganz due to how awe-inspiring she captures the natural motion of the animals (esp. the birds and horses) she creates. Her process of creating her pieces also amazed me due to how time consuming it is and accurate she is at depicting natural movement.

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