Monday, December 2, 2013

Captain Crunch

Captain Crunch  by Frank Russell
Captain Crunch 
 10 feet long , 4 feet tall, and 4 feet wide.01/2010
This shark is made up of a variety recycled objects. The tail is made from a human mannequin, the teeth a made from soup cans, the fins are made out of copper, his eyes are made from yoyo's. The rest that is put together is made from metal hubcaps, candy tin, popcorn tin, coffee tin, 2 sheet music stands, and a salad colander.
About Frank Russel
Frank Russel went to school at University of South Carolina. He was mostly self taught in his expertise of artwork. He is now living in North Carolina with his wife Pamela and 2 sons. He was a painter, sculptor, and a designer for 30 years in broadcast television. He has been a studio artist for 15 years.
So why Recycled art? Russel's statement: "I see all life as a collage of found objects: experiences, ideas, desires, acquired skills. Are not all relationships: significant, personal, casual or professional, whatever, simply “found” or discovered as we move through this world ? Are they not transformed by our decisions to collect or contemplate or care for them ? I feel that nothing is wasted in awakened love’s economy" Russel believes that nothing should be wasted in this economy and that there is life in all found objects and relationships can be made from a piece of trash into something beautiful.

This art piece is connected to the theme of the show because our theme is recycled art and this beautiful piece is made up of a variety of collected objects that Russel has found. I chose this artwork because I agree with Russel's statement about how there is life in the objects that he has found, and he was able to capture this statement by creating a sculptor of a shark that is life in our underwater world.



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