Sunday, December 1, 2013


        The main thing that we learn is, one mans trash can be, and certainly is another mans treasure. Learning about and organizing these various works of art, each made by an artist with different backgrounds, experiences, techniques, and medias have helped us realize that even though they are so very different from each other, each have artwork that share common goals. Goals that we can relate to in our personal lives and effect each person individually. Because each person is different each work of art is different, but because of our human nature we share an appeal to what these artists made; A creation of something beautiful, or with great significance and meaning, out of something that in other forms is unwanted and repulsive. Just as a Phoenix, humans have the ability to take something dead and raise it from the ashes creating something beautiful and even more glorious than before. This truly is what was most appealing in these forms of art expressed as forms of nature. 
        The process of finding a piece of artwork that was appealing to us or having significance was the easy part. Having everyone find the information about that particular piece of artwork and artist was the more difficult part. With each person having different schedules it took cooperation and lots of planning to get everything situated. The job of a curator is something that is better suited for some people in our group than others. 

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