Monday, December 2, 2013

Humming Bird

Hummingbird, 2012    Dimensions:35X25X10 cm    Materials:CD shards (over 40 CDs used), wire mesh frame, hot glue, gold paint, "one week work time"
Sean Avery (26 years old)
Born in Kimberly, South Africa
I am an educated man. I have a shiny certificate from Curtin University of Technology to prove it. I received my BA in Graphic Desin in 2010.

I remember how I used carry around my CD collection in a zip-up case that I kept in my backpack. It feels like just a few years back, but technology and music mediums have changed quite a bit in that time. I still keep a stack of CDs in the glove compartment of my car on the off-chance that I leave my iPod behind, but the disks are probably dusty now from disuse. What to do with the stacks of blank CDs still sitting under your desk waiting to be burned? My sculpture work is all about repurposing the discarded to make something beautiful.

I chose Sean Avery's art first and foremost because his work is very eye-catching and depicts animals that are naturally radiant in a medium that magnifies that quality. Not only is his art set in nature, it is also very beautiful and utilizes a material we no longer consider valuable...CDs. One of the things I appreciate most about him is his humerous approach to life in art as you can see in the quote above. The most important thing about this artist though is his own personal view of his art “I only use recycled materials to create my sculptures, which classifies my work as ‘sustainable art".

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