Sunday, December 1, 2013

candy wrapper dress

Mary Jane by Shelly Hedges

Mary Jane candy wrapper dress
Artist: Shelly Hedges
Date: 2006
Dimensions: Mary Jane wrappers, cotton, thread, 43”x21”x5”

Artist statement/background:
Shelly Hedges is a mixed-media artist. Shelly received a Certificate in Ceramics from Oregon College of Art and Craft. She had a few show gallery at Shoalwater Cove Gallery in Ilwaco and the Kent Arts Commission Gallery.

Media: Shelly Hedges designed this candy wrapper dress from a candy I have never heard of "Mary Jane" wrapper.

How it connects:
I chose this piece because the way how Shelly sewed the Mary Jane wrapper. This design is a reusable art wear. That whatever you find lying around or any recyclable trash can be created into anything you what it to be.

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