Monday, December 2, 2013


by Robert Bradford    
This Rhino is all made out of mixed discarded toys.  The size of the Rhino is 220 x 120 x 90cms
About: Robert Bradford

Bradford was born in London. Even though he studied painting at Ravensbourne College of Art and film making at the Royal College of Art he was known for being a sculptor creating large sculptures made out of recycled toys. How Bradford got started was creating sculptors out of toys that he saved when he was a little boy.
Artist's Statement:
"I see myself bit like a mad scientist trying to create life bring things to life." Robert Bradford

This art piece is connected to the theme of the show because our theme is recycled art and this playful piece is made up of a mixture toys that Bradford has found. I chose this artwork because I admire his creativity and uniqueness of sculptors made out of toys and how he uses all sorts of toys such as old and new toys. I also liked his statement because he feels like he can create life through his work and as for this picture he recreated an animal that is recognizable to us by using random toys that he finds.


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